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“My name is Douglas Hannay & my partner is DaMeggie Oe.
I’m a pic snapping photo diarist with a past in aviation, music, photojournalism, writing, storytelling & film making. Now, with my 1st AD (Assistant Director), we do everything together, DaMeggie Oe & I & we like it like that! Flying the nights skies around the world, on a wing & a prayer, for many years, as a pilot & as a passenger, the days too, and years as an actor, then years behind the camera as a DP… It chalked up the years I’d already lived. Those years before saw me traveling in the organization of rock festivals and years on the road with groups from Motown and from one palm tree to the next.
One day, many years later, the winds caught my sails & I drifted all the way to New Zealand. I’ve been here almost two decades now with a few trips across the pond to Australia. That’s two whole decades based on one set of islands & that is a record for me! Before arriving here though, I also lived in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Stockholm, St Tropez, Tangier, Paris, Ibiza, Byron Bay & around Australia, Portugal, Bali & years of cruising the Caribbean and I probably missed a few.
Meg, aka DaMeggie Oe, is my Fox Terrier partner and we go everywhere together. She came into my life ten years ago & took over the #1 spot of longest & best ever partner & I’ve seen more than a few! Meg’s name, DaMeggie Oe, Da is Italian for ‘from’, Meggie is Greek for ‘pearl’ and OE is a term used by New Zealanders for their ‘Overseas Experiences’, so after a day of photographing & chatting with an Italian Skipper, Meg became DaMeggie Oe and her name stuck just like that!
And now, I suppose it’s about time for Meg & I to get a move on, there’s still plenty of time to do & see & travel the skies & our planet’s seas. The traveling is what I always knew & loved the most, so maybe we’ll catch you on the front end out there someday. If you see us, be sure to say Hi.
Ti Amo.”

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