Black White & Colour – Photographic Art Exhibition


I am very honoured and privileged to present a unique photographic exhibition in Silo Six this November. Named ‘Black, White & Colour‘ the exhibition contains engaging and thought provoking works, featuring three themes: Portraits, Landscapes and Fine Art.

The Portrait theme displays classic and creative portraits of people from all walks of life.

The Landscape theme features beautiful nature and urban environments in colour and monochrome.

The Fine Art theme contains extraordinary art pieces, illustrating impressive concepts with strong communication flare and enduring quality.

Located in Silo Park, Silo Six is the perfect venue to display more than 30 large scale, edgy and crisp photographs which fit the industrial interior. Dominating the skyline with its industrial finish, Silo Six is a massive structure of old cement silos that are now used to host art exhibitions and cultural events for the Auckland community.

Throughout the exhibition I will hold talks with groups of visitors. This will create an opportunity for the community to engage in discussing photography and the art on display as many of these photographs have an interesting story to tell.

Being flooded with thousands of images on a daily basis, we tend to block out and potentially undervalue the creative nature of photography. This exhibition aims to promote photography as an art form. My intention is also to inspire young people by this medium so I will be giving talks to classes and families, describing the stories behind selected images. I will also talk about the techniques behind the creative process so young people will gain a valuable opportunity to ask questions and get an eye-opening insight.

Exhibition opening night: Wednesday, November 19 at 7pm
Keynote speaker: Sir Bob Harvey – Chairman, Waterfront Auckland
Opening days: November 19-30, 10am-8pm
Parking: Wynyard Quarter, corner of Beaumont and Jellicoe Street


“…Ilan’s work is consistent, creative and intellectually challenging. Thus it often offers a unique “twist” on a common subject, bringing interest and developing curiosity in the viewer. His photographs are hugely engaging, he now holds two of New Zealand’s highest photographic awards: MNZIPP & APSNZ. Ilan’s intense interest in the social and physical environment surrounding him ensures his continuing interaction and stimulation from it. He is a new and developing force in the Nation’s creative art scene with work ranging from urban grittiness to the sublime use of light. His work deserves to be seen and will repay viewers many times over through the different perspectives presented as his insights of gist and detail are immensely illuminating.”
John Jones-Parry MA (Hons), President, North Shore Photographic Society

“…These photographs will leave the viewers (those lucky enough to view this striking visual experience) with a lasting impression, evoking strong emotions owing to the creative flare of this talented, prize-winning and innovative photographer.”
Clive Bartleet, Assistant HOD Art (Photography), Rangitoto College

“As you can clearly see from his immaculate portfolio, Ilan has extended himself across a range of photographic styles, from the formal and traditional to expressively creative works. Through these endeavours he has developed a rich, idiosyncratic style anchored in technical proficiency and sophisticated experimentation. As such, he has rightly won attention and accolades from within the photographic community, including my own publications as well as various international sources… The accessibility and impact inherent in Ilan’s body of work makes it an ideal exhibition to begin addressing this inequity – large format prints of his superb imagery hanging in a prominent public space, such as the Auckland waterfront’s Silo Park, would be a guaranteed attraction to the community, and an enriching experience for both those enthusiastic about photographic art, as well as the as yet uninitiated.
Adrian Hatwell Editor, D-Photo and The Photographer’s Mail

“…I like Ilan’s concept of a public space exhibition which is focused on community access and the presentation of large format, high quality prints. I like the idea that young people will be invited to view the exhibition through contact with the local schools so that they may be inspired by what they see and feel…”
Dr Murry Cave APSNZ ANPSNZ, President, Photographic Society of New Zealand

“…Ilan he has impressed me with his total dedication to his craft, pushing his boundaries across different genres and seeking to engage the viewers of his art. Recognised as a Master photographer in our organisation and a multiple finalist in various categories in our
annual national Iris Awards, I am sure Ilan will provide great value to your efforts to bring visual literacy and art awareness to all New Zealanders. As you know, many people have the passion for art but don’t challenge their “Brave Factor” to put their creative neck on the line and open themselves to the judgement of others. I applaud Ilan’s attitude in this respect, for without artists like him the world would be a duller place. Ilan’s exhibition idea sounds tremendous and I hope you too see the potential excitement to be generated by
his ideas of display.”
Russell Hamlet, Portrait Director, The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography