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On the morning of October 7, Kibbutz Be’eri was struck by a devastating tragedy. Hundreds of Hamas terrorists invaded the community, unleashing a wave of unimaginable horror. Ninety-three members of the community had been brutally murdered. This horrific event claimed the lives of women, children, toddlers, and even an infant, amounting to 10% of the farming community’s residents.

Fire and gunfire destroyed thirty percent of the homes, leaving behind tales of survival marked by horror, abandonment, helplessness, and enduring pain. After capturing the kibbutz, the terrorists went from house to house, shooting or capturing residents while setting buildings on fire. They were accompanied by a camera team and a journalist who documented the attack. Many residents tried to hide in shelter rooms, but the attackers blew up the doors and killed everyone inside.

Nine members were taken into the Gaza Strip, five of whom have since died in captivity. 125 people are still held hostage, their fate uncertain.

I was fortunate to gain access to the kibbutz which is currently a closed military zone, off-limits to the general public. Created on February 7th, exactly five months after October 7th, this series of photographs have significant historical value. In an era rife with disinformation, fake news and AI manipulated imagery, these documentary photos serve as a silent testament to that horrific attack.

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