Women in the Eye of the Camera

Photography is the easiest medium of Art to be competent in but it’s the hardest medium in which to have a truly personal vision. It’s very much like talking: everyone can talk but very few have something to say. In creating my work, I aim to demonstrate a clear style, to tell a story while being imaginative and thought-provoking. My goal is to present work that is strong and distinguished with a clear narrative sense. I wish to inspire people with timeless images that have enduring qualities, to be creative and artistic, to evoke emotions and to show a personal vision.

I regard artistry and craftsmanship as a standard of excellence. I wish to present a collection of colour and monochrome prints, on location and studio, featuring extraordinary portraits the tell a story and evoke emotional response. Powerful and inspiring women, in original artwork that is fresh, provoking and inspiring at the same time.




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