NZ Academy of Fine Arts

15 June 2020

Mr Ilan Wittenberg

By email to

Dear Ilan

Faces of Cairo

Thank you for your proposal and additional information about the exhibition. We’ve discussed the proposed exhibition and are happy to continue planning with you.

Availability and pricing

We have availability of all the galleries from 27 January 2021 but based on our recent phone discussion are suggesting the main gallery and annex as a suitable space to show the exhibition. A floor plan including dimensions is attached to this email.

The hire period includes set up and pack down.  We’re suggesting for consideration:-

27 January to 22 February as a hire period with an exhibition season 30 January to 21 February inclusive. Please note this period gives the added advantage of Waitangi weekend.

Cost of hire for this period would be $23920 GST inclusive which will also include four moveable walls and reasonable access to plinths.

Additional costs that could be incurred are:-

Installers and lighting technicians at $345 per day each (GST inclusive). We have a team of installers and, based on your assessment that there are 58 works recommend at least two people over two days.

Graphics support $345 per day (GST inclusive) covering preparation and management of advertising posters, banners etc.

Remediation of the gallery at the end of the exhibition (filling nail holes, touch up repainting) $234 per day (GST inclusive)

Additional uses outside our usual opening hours, e.g. for hosted events $200 (GST inclusive) with one evening event provided free of charge.

For your reference I have included our standard hire contract which also covers the Academy’s commitment to helping promote the exhibition through our freely accessed channels such as our bulk email list and Facebook.  We would suggest the embassy works closely with the DominionPost to see if there are any free articles or event listing the exhibition can be added to.

I hope this is sufficient to continue our mutual planning and look forward to your response.

Kind regards

Marc Pettie

Gallery Manager

NZ Academy of Fine Arts

04 894 1722

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