Associate of The Photographic Society of New Zealand

What a great privilege to be awarded the distinction Associate of The Photographic Society of New Zealand [PSNZ] at the Honours Banquet of the annual conference which was held in Blenhaim this year. Very honoured as I can now use the letters APSNZ after my name!

In order to qualify, it was not enough to submit a number of good images. To be successful, I was required to submit a portfolio: a presentation of photographic work in which the total has greater value than the sum of the individual parts. Being a portrait photographer, I chose to submit only full body portraits. My portfolio starts strongly and takes the viewer on a journey to a memorable conclusion. Each image leads to the next one. Consistent quality was also essential; no one image stands out as being either below or above the standard of the others (one very strong image can be as problematic as a very weak one).

The portfolio exhibits not only a high level of technical of proficiency but also skill with the camera as well as in processing and presentation, demonstrating artistic and creative qualities. Of utmost importance is the manner in which the portfolio was put together as a presentation . The images must “hang together” in order to provide a pleasing demonstration of both technical skill and artistry.
Comprising of six voting members, the Honours Board is appointed by Council to make recommendations on the granting of Honours for photographic achievements. Below is the sequence as presented to the PSNZ Honours Board:

Associate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand

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