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Stunning Michelle

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I always thought of myself as a wild horse, free spirit, and explorer. I never felt like I belonged to one place or one purpose. I felt like there was more meaning to 3D reality which we call life, so I always felt like I was trying to find more. I have learnt life is a continuous stream of lessons – sent to each one of us individually to choose how we react or transmute them into positive or negative decisions that shape our immediate future – we always end up where we are destined to be so here’s my story:
I came from an incredible upbringing with great education, love, and support from my family as well as running with any opportunity my parents worked hard to provide me. Studying at the NZ School of Dance and graduating with a position as a dancer with Black Grace in Auckland was all I had dreamt of. 12 years of hard work, sweat, tears and sacrifices to get to this point was all I had dreamt of as an aspiring 20-year-old performer.
Three years later, losing my Mum to terminal brain cancer at the age of 23 spiralled me into a path of self-discovery and turbulence. I chose to rebel and break away from societal norms. I was hurting, I was confused, and I was angry at losing the most important person to me. I ended up in the taboo world of commercial modelling and adult entertainment – I believe this stemmed originally from self-worth issues I needed to heal and confront. The career I found myself in for 7 years consisted of being paid to party and look pretty – fuelled by alcohol, money, bright lights, good times and blurs.
I decided to start my own talent agency to help empower and guide similar souls wanting to express themselves in a fun and professional environment where they could grow and feel worthy, appreciated, seen, and discovered to take their passions further. My biggest passion and energy in life is creating opportunities for others based off what could have been done better on my journey. Now having over 110 contractors nationwide I feel blown away by the magnitude it has grown to.
After Covid hit, events completely came to a halt, and I decided to relocate to Wellington for seven months where I went back to what was most important to me: Family. After rebalancing and grounding, I found myself being headhunted for an Auckland based technology company, creating a world’s first product in the Metaverse. The uncertainty of being involved in something that had never been created inspired me to deep dive into the nooks and crannies of who I was at a soul level. Being a host on Talkback NZ and my technology role as community manager consisting of public speaking, sharing my insights, views and opinions made me self-reflect on honing down who I was – identity first. If you don’t truly know who you are, how do you ever expect to fully understand another?
My Biggest Life Lesson to date: Deciding to love myself unconditionally knowing I’m the only person I can’t run from. I’ll finish with one of my favourite quotes from the book, Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis: “Girl, get a hold of your life. Stop medicating, stop hiding out, stop being afraid, stop giving away pieces of yourself, stop saying you can’t do it. Stop the negative self-talk, stop abusing your body, stop putting it off for tomorrow or Monday or next year. Stop crying about what happened and take control of what happens next”


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Gabriela Alves

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Gabriela Alves

How much power or control do you have over your life? It’s crazy that it doesn’t matter how organized you are, no matter how many plans you make, how ready you feel, things still can go completely out of our hands. My name is Gabriela and my story is about “Resilience” I’m from Brazil and I came to New Zealand in 2017 to study English. I fell in love with the country, for the challenges and for the life over here. I came here without knowing anyone, my first job was as a waitress in a catering company. I was living in a flat sharing the bed with my friend to save money. After 3 years, I was still in New Zealand and so proud of everything that I have achieved. I graduated from a Business course. I was living in my own room, I was working with something that I loved and I had found the love of my life, my  partner.

Everything was going really well and I decided to go to Brazil to visit my family for the first time after 3 years in New Zealand. Oliver went with me, as I wanted him to meet my family. I was planning the trip for ages, I was really emotional about going to Brazil, really anxious. The year was 2020, everything was going as planned, I was thrilled to be around my family and friends, and one of the best moments of my life happened, when my partner proposed to me. We were living the dream, so happy, so in love! My partner came back to New Zealand before me, I was going to stay 2 weeks more in Brazil to enjoy my family, and it is from that where my plans got out of my control, the rumours of a Pandemic it wasn’t a rumour anymore, suddenly it became something really serious and the whole world panic. A week before my departure from Brazil, I started getting worried about not being able to get on the Airplane to New Zealand, I changed my flight, but it was too late, New Zealand closed the borders for the whole world.

I remember till now when I received the news, I didn’t panic, I didn’t have any reaction, I just accepted. In my mind the borders were going to be closed only for a few weeks or months, so I was ok about it, especially because I could spend some more time with my family. During the lockdown in Brazil I have spent some really good time with my Mom and sister, but it was hard to have to deal with the distance with my partner because we had no idea when we were able to see each other again. After a few months in the same situation I started panic, I  lost my job in New Zealand, I had to put my room, I was far away from the love of my life and things started getting really bad in Brazil.

My life went from a free soul to a bird in a cage, I was feeling that I was losing my life, everything that I had achieved in New Zealand was gone. I have never felt so weak in my whole life, I was stuck in the past or in the future but never in my present. Me and my partner were supporting each other but after so long we were both devastated. We used to video call every single day, but after a while it was getting harder and harder. Life came back to normal in New Zealand. I was happy for my partner, so then we could at least have a life but on the other hand our realities became completely the opposite, I could feel that I was losing him in tiny bits. I had to learn how to be happy again, how to enjoy the little moments inside that apartment, my mom and my sister helped me a lot, we created a beautiful connection. After 1 year apart from each other, me and Oliver started to get so depressed, so hopeless, I will never forget the call we had where we couldn’t stop crying because we didn’t know what to do anymore. We couldn’t believe what was happening with us, it was so sad and we had no idea when the borders were going to be open, it could take years.

Because of this sadness we decided to break-up for a while, such a hard decision but necessary for us to be able to find ourselves again, fully our own love to be able to give love again. After a while, I decided to apply to get into the Country one last time, I was so not motivated
after so many NO. This last time I decided to put all my emotions in the letter for immigration, and somehow they listened to me and accepted me back, and after nearly 2 years apart from my love, I was finally able to come back. I felt like a dream coming true, I will never forget the magic moment of our first hug. It felt as if I had never left, our connection shined up, we couldn’t believe it, it was one of the best emotions I have ever felt, at that moment, I knew we were made for each other. Today, after that thunderstorm we felt that it was meant to be. It makes us stronger as individuals and stronger as a couple, we have never been so happy and sure about our love.

This whole history taught me so much, it taught me that we need to accept that things are out of our hands, we can’t control everything in our life. It gave me such a strong mindset, hard times look like they are going to be forever, but they’re not, we just need to keep going, living, accepting and embracing all our feelings, understanding our emotions, asking for help and to be able to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Being resilient does not mean a person doesn’t experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering. Resilience involves the ability to work through emotional pain and suffering. We cannot control everything around us, but I believe we can choose how we will deal with everything around us. Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

Olli Curry

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Ana Marija Kirova

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My name is Nick and like every other person on Mother Earth, I fell into life totally unprepared for what my life might eventually become. My regrets (I’m sure like many others) I share a few, but the blessings I’ve received over following years have been many. While I could describe myself in many ways, maybe the most accurate would be that of an Adventurer. As I left school for the last time with the words of teachers ringing in my ears informing me that if I didn’t go on to university, I would ‘never amount to anything’..! Yet here I am after 30 years of traveling around the world (primarily on my own by choice), starting and running my own businesses, I realise now that the University of Life has enriched me as an individual, so very much more than any formal qualification could ever have.

Contrary to what we are all taught in school, ‘Life’ and what you make of it, and who we become, is determined by those experiences that we expose ourselves to. And what we eventually become determines what we are all eventually able to give back to the world, and particularly those around us.

As someone that had a passion for the ocean and riding waves from my earliest years, I still enter the ocean virtually every day regardless of the season or temperature. I embrace floating silently on my back alone for the sheer sense of peace and joy that it gives me. I can only imagine that is largely because we are all 60% made of water, and that being in the water is the closest I have come to that wonderful sense of ‘going home’. 

My life’s ‘career experiences’ have included working in construction and property development in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, 8 years as a commercial fisherman on the Abrolhos Islands and 2 years as a full time gold prospector in Western Australia, being selected to appear one of the first Reality TV programs and starting a computer software import/export and distribution business at a time in the UK when I could barely use a computer, painting houses in Sweden during winters where each day only provided 2 – 3 hours of sunlight, time in the Canary Islands as a property consultant, and eventually back on the Gold Coast in Australia owning a 5 office Real Estate business taking Australian properties to sell in Japan. Today I own an online education business that I started nearly 10 years ago which makes a significant contribution particularly to young people with Special Educational Needs. In each of these involvements I never underwent any formal training, or had any qualification other than having a willingness and desire to ‘learn on my feet’. And if I can do this, so can anyone else; the only secret is “wanting it enough”.

If I had to highlight my single greatest achievement, it would be still being married after 25 years and fathering my wonderful children, and it is this that has been the most memorable and meaningful experience of all. In a time when the concept of ‘marriage’ appears to be less appealing for some, it has been and continues to provide as many joys as it does challenges. 

Apart from my love for the ocean, I have a passion for expressing myself through music and the words I write. I play a couple of instruments and have a passion for creating Melody. Music remains the single most powerful form of communication with just a small handful of different notes having the ability to bring tears to another person’s eyes. 

Through everything else, the single most important thing I would share is that we all have the ability to improve the world; just one person at a time, AND by being prepared to lead from the front.

Faces of Humanity

Faces of Humanity is a documentary collection with little or no changes to the actual scene. I asked people to look straight into my camera, so these are not candid photos. The strength of this series is in giving viewers a rare opportunity to connect with people in their natural environment. This diverse group of people serves as a timely reminder that, despite our many cultural differences, we can unite as a community through the power of photography.

This is a celebration of our shared values: hard work, the importance of family, and caring for each other as humans. I hope that through these photos viewers learn more about people with different backgrounds from around the world: Ruanda, Morocco, Tanzania, Cairo, Jerusalem and New Zealand. The show offers opportunities for people to contemplate, absorb, and increase their awareness of the complexities of human experience. Each photograph reveals an individual with a story that has shaped their life.

We connect with others by making eye contact – reading their expressions, feeling their emotions and getting a glimpse of their souls. I want viewers to form meaningful connections with these people: to see them as human beings, not simply subjects in front of a camera. I purposely created portraits that allow viewers to make direct eye contact with each person, so visitors can form emotional connections with these individuals.

In sharing this portfolio, I encourage viewers to show empathy: to accept others and to recognise the value of cultural diversity. We would all experience an enhanced sense of community if we took the time to appreciate interactions which allow us to discover the world beyond our familiar boundaries. We are all wonderfully unique, yet, at the same time, we are deeply similar.

I am presenting these photographs in timeless monochrome, to ensure consistency and flow of the series amidst the chaos and clutter of the busy environment. The portraits are crisp and sharp, to allow the details to inspire the imagination and to evoke emotions. My aim is to create an authentic portfolio of diverse individuals in a foreign land. My goal is to tell their stories using a clear narrative style and enduring quality.

Portrait Photographer Auckland

Tires – Morocco 

Portrait Photographer Auckland

Clyde Scott – Auckland


Portrait Photographer Auckland

Frank – Auckland


Barber Shop New Zealand

The barber – Auckland


Faces of Cairo

Shish Kebab – Cairo


Travel Photography

Knife sharpener – Morocco


Faces of Humanity

Man with a Hat – Jaffa


Portrait Photographer Auckland

Shells – Taranaki


Portrait Photography Auckland

The Library – Auckland



Boy and his Eel – Taranaki


The Fish Merchant – Akko


The Counter – Akko


Blue Collar – Jaffa


Dead Chickens – Morocco


The Garment Merchant – Jerusalem


The Paper – Jerusalem


Souvenirs Galore – Jerusalem


The Fist – Jerusalem


MAGGI – Morocco


Bric-à-brac Rwanda


Tutsi Girl – Rwanda


Men with canes – Rwanda


Woodwork – Rwanda


The Barber – Morocco


Arthur was sitting and waiting for customers in the same barber shop that his father established 60 years ago in Melbourne. It took three visits to the store and $100 to convince Arthur to have his portrait taken. I then had my haircut… AIPP Silver with Distinction Award.


Faces of Humanity

Boys and Cart – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

John and Rebecca – Auckland


Faces of Humanity

Queen Deemi – Auckland


Faces of Humanity

Just Bagels – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Essential Oils – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Wayne and Jennie – Auckland


Faces of Humanity

Sitting on a Cart – Cairo


Faces of Humanity

Man with a Beany – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Backgammon – Jerusalem


Man with a Ring – Alexandria


Faces of Humanity

KAKAO – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

SINGER – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Father and Son – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Three Brothers


Faces of Humanity

Hubble-bubble – Alexandria


Faces of Humanity

Bananas – Cairo


Faces of Humanity

Two Men – Cairo


Faces of Humanity

Sitting by the Cross – Alexandria


Faces of Humanity

Scales – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

The Department Store – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Money Changer – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Boy with a cart – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Souvenir Shop – Jerusalem


Faces of Humanity

Mono Rhino – Jaffa


ITANGA – Rwanda


Dying the Wool – Morocco

Magazine Shop – Jerusalem


Delinquents – Auckland


Just Beads


Man with a leather Jacket – Auckland


The Donkey – Morocco


Brass and Copper – Morocco


Shoe Shining – Rwanda


The Fly – Egypt


Egyptian Presidents

All the presidents – Egypt



Man and his Dog – Auckland


Standing Proud – Morocco


Cowhide – Tanzania


The Hut – Tanzania


Timid – Tanzania


Standing in the Rain – Tanzania


Joy – Tanzania


Maasai Women – Tanzania


Sewing Machine – Cairo


Sitting by the hut – Tanzania


Sitting Down – Tanzania


The Look – Cairo


Shoe Laces – Cairo


The Maasai – Tanzania


Man with an Apron – Morocco



Beautiful Laura

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Jesse Wynyard

Portrait Photographer Auckland

Jesse Wynyard is the creator at Light Warrior Heroes. He is transformational speaker, hip-hop artist and master coach at Jesse Wynyard, uniting everyday heroes and empowering them to become champions. “I help ambitious, purpose driven individuals win in their personal and professional life on their own personal path to greatness.”

Syd Breeze

Portrait Photographer Auckland

Hi my name is Syd Breeze, I had a bad incident happen to me when I just turned 21. I left work at 7:30pm, where  I was wielding fire extinguishers. I was half-way home driving through Hobsonville, tired and exhausted from work. I had recently just finished working on my car, a mini cooper, so I was quite excited to drive it. But then as I turned the ‘S bend’ a drunk driver couldn’t take the corner and came over to my side of the road. We had a head on crash, we were both doing around 60mph, the police told me that’s like hitting a brick wall at 120mph. I was a typical young driver and was not wearing my seatbelt. I remember hitting the breaks and everything slowed down, and my mind went crystal clear. I could see the drunk driver coming towards me, and thinking to myself ‘this is going to really hurt’. My mind went blank and dark, I got knocked out. When I woke up, I was looking over my unconscious body with the ambulance officers working on me. Then I realized I had lifted out of my body. There was no pain, no fear, I felt weirdly calm. Before I knew it, everything went dark again and I opened my eyes and they were pulling me out of the car and moving me to the ambulance. The first thing said to me when I woke up was ‘you’re very lucky to be alive’. I received just under 200 stitches from smashing my head into the window screen and scalping the top of my head, and then about another 20 stitches in my arms and legs. Luckily, I received no broken bones. One thing I learnt from this accident is how fast life can end, so enjoy it each day as it comes. I’ve maintained this attitude right up to 63 years old.


Portrait Photographer Auckland

Fine Art Photography

The Look

Fine Art Photography


Portrait Photographer Auckland

Tamsin Album

Lucy for Eyes to the Soul

Lucy Verde Roze

“I had to laugh at myself ironically when Ilan asked if anything bad had ever happened to me, if I’d like to share my story on his beautiful Windows to the Soul portrait series.

Sharing my story is a huge privilege, so of course my answer was “yes, thank you so much.”

The question of bad things happening is a matter of perspective.

There are dozens of points of trauma throughout my life, hence my reaction to laugh, with so many aspects I could choose to focus on.

I could look at my childhood – my mother’s suicide and surrounding events, our exodus from Zimbabwe’s dictatorship, then culture shock and struggles of integration into a Western society.

I could talk about being raped, losing myself to drugs and alcohol, or PTSD from front-line activism. Just the conditioning of this world and feeling so alien led me to depression, bulimia and suicidal thoughts.

But the most challenging is that my life has been riddled with narcissists doing their best to get their claws into me.

For two years, one young lady did all she could to twist and steal absolutely everything from me.

She tried to keep me separated from unconditional love with my partner, to take for herself the ways I look, my ideas, my activism, the words I use, even my mannerisms. She tried to completely suppress my life’s purpose, Paradise Rizing Studios, and our incredible movement of artists.

It felt like she was trying to kill me but if I had died, she would have lost one of her favourite toys to play with.

The funny thing is, her attempts have led to massive soul evolution for myself, time and space for love with my love to heal, deepen, strengthen and mature, and a phenomenal global artist movement growing up to bring us together.

So how could I hate her? How could I hold anger towards her when my future has been created out of this darkness?

My heart has been blasted so wide open I am deeply grateful to her for her incessant attempts to break my soul.

It has actually manifested my ultimate dream reality and surrounded us in the most profound unconditional love imaginable.

I truly wish her nothing but peace.”

Portrait Open

Awesome to win a Silver with Distinction for ‘The Three Brothers‘ in the Portrait Open category of the 2022 NZIPP Iris Awards. They are standing together at the end of their working shift. From left to right are Andrew BUHIGIRO (the oldest), Paul RUDAKUBANA and Peter SINDIKUBWABO. They are employees of the Muhabura hotel, tidying the garden and sometimes helping in customer care. The hotel is located in the calm of the Musanze town, at the northern province of Rwanda.


‘The Three Brothers’ – Silver with Distinction, NZIPP Iris Awards


Nude Photography Auckland

‘The Underpass’ – Bronze, NZIPP Iris Awards


Nude Photography Auckland

‘On the Tree’ – Bronze, NZIPP Iris Awards


Honoured and delighted to be a Finalist in the Travel category of the NZIPP 2022 Iris Awards. The winner will be announced on Monday gala dinner.

Gucci Travel Photographer Cairo


Campervan Fire