Choosing Location for your photo shoot

It is important to choose the right location for your portrait session, it’s all about the right light and selecting a background that is complimentary without overpowering the image. Outdoor photos are great when taken on an overcast day which creates a soft and diffused light. There are some great locations at Castor Bay beach with iconic Rangitoto as a perfect background for an Auckland outdoor scene. Alternatively, Pehutekawa trees will provide ideal backdrop for your family portrait – especially when in full blossom. The beach helps in setting a more casual atmosphere with the family sitting down or walking together. Kids can have lots of fun which provides plenty of opportunity for capturing photos that are more natural. My studio, on the other hand, is perfect for creating more formal portrait photos with full control of the light setting and protected from the elements. There is plenty of space and lots of setting opportunities with different props to create the desired impact. Some of my best portraits are candid, an intimate moment or when everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun.


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