Liane and the Patu stone

Liane with Moko Kauwae tattoo wearing a Korowai cloak and holding a Patu stone

Behind my eyes are my tupuna.
Behind me is a waka, carrying my tupuna and loved ones. Now and then, my waka is out of balance, with too many on one side. Without full understanding how to keep it balanced and without the guide of my father’s kaumatua,
Walking my path alone.
With pride I stand staunch with my moko, upholding our family name, especially in the public eye.
I was born in the small town of Temuka. My father was a shearing contractor and mother owned a craft shop. My father is full blooded maori from Te Akau, Ngati Tahinga, and mother is half cast from Taranaki, Ngati Ruanui (Tangahoe). I didn’t know why I didn’t fit into society when I was younger until I was told at 33, that I could only speak maori when I was 5, when I moved to the city. I was 28 years old when I received my moko. I was blessed with two whangai children, my world. My life experiences are full and far between. I went to Avondale College then James Cook High. I left home when I was 15 (I just walked out) went to Mangawhai Heads by extended whanau. Moved back to Auckland when I was 16, went on a course at Kakāriki marae, Green Bay learning Te Reo Maori, gardening, maori crafts and helping with the Kohanga reo. Shortly after, moved in with my first serious boyfriend, had a miscarriage, which  my first experience of heartbreak. At 18 I moved in with my next boyfriend (which lasted 25 years plus 5 years after) in West Harbour which opened my eyes to a new world. I got my first job doing horticulture at Hortex, exporting kiwifruit and feijoa plants.
Life has been an experience. Spiritual, family, love, happiness  alcohol  drugs, hurt, pain, violence, gang wars. I have met many people and walked many paths through life.
Here I am now. With nothing, starting another life. Finding myself again and looking for a job that I can fit in to, a fulfilling meaningful job.
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