Nelson National Triptych Salon champion image: Silo 6

Very honoured and delighted to win the champion image at the Nelson National Triptych Salon with the triptych ‘Silo 6’! Located at Wynyard Quarter, Silo 6 is a massive structure of old cement silos that are now used to host art exhibitions and culture events in Auckland waterfront. Dominating the skyline with its grungy finish, it’s the perfect venue to hold my photographic art exhibition this November. Named ‘Black, White and Colour‘ the exhibition will show engaging and thought provoking works, featuring three themes: Portraits, Landscapes and Fine Art. Click here to read all about it.

Champion image - Triptych Salon

Delighted to have just received the beautiful handmade trophy for ‘Silo Six’ which won the Champion Image at Nelson National Triptych Salon. Here are the judges’ comments:
“The three images combine into an impressive striking whole”
“The strong design draws the viewer into the scene”
“Demonstrates excellent techniques and use of colour”
Isn’t that awesome?

Award winning photographer - Auckland
Awrad Winning photographer

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