Stunning Courtney!

I met stunning Courtney on my recent visit to Wellington for the 2019 NZ Art Show. We finished the studio shoot around midnight and temperature was around 5 degrees. 20 minutes later we arrived to this awesome location prepared for us by the local gang. The wind was blowing around 40 kmph as Courtney was exposed to gusts blowing from the sea. I prepared the lights slightly shivering as Courtney stepped into the scene. I took seven photos, this was the first one before her hair blew away completely! This is what her sister wrote: “They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but you can see by the numerous tattoos, Courtney has a lot of tales to tell. A farm girl by day, Courtney is dedicated to yoga and self growth at night. A proud mother to 12 year old Vinnie [giving birth when she was only 15…], Courtney is the sixth child of seven and is very family orientated. Despite being from a big [Catholic] family, Courtney refuses to simply blend in, taking time to pursue her hobbies, one of which is modeling. She is fearless when it comes to appreciating her body despite any perceived flaws and is strong in her authenticity. She knows who she is and she owns it. She also loves her fur babies, the labyrinth and phantom of the opera. Like her star sign Taurus suggested, Courtney is strong as a bull and very loyal to her tight knit and life long friends.” This is the censored version…

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