Lions Mating

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Lions Mating – Acceptance at 2020 PSNZ National Exhibition, Nature Projected Image

Fine art nude

Nude Photography Auckland


Photography is the easiest medium of Art to be competent in but it’s the hardest medium in which to have a truly personal vision. It’s very much like talking: everyone can talk but very few have something to say. In creating my work, I aim to demonstrate a clear style, to tell a story while being imaginative and thought-provoking. My goal is to present work that is strong and distinguished with a clear narrative sense. I wish to inspire people with timeless images that have enduring qualities, to be creative and artistic and to show a personal vision.

In presenting this series, I offer you an opportunity to contemplate and appreciate the juxtaposition between human and nature: soft flesh and harsh environment; life and stillness; white and black. The use of monochrome emphasises the nude shape and form, removing distracting elements to ensure that you focus on the beautiful feminine body language. These photographs portray powerful and independent women who are depicted through fresh, inspiring and original artwork.

Nude Photography Auckland



Nude Photography Auckland


Nude Photography Auckland


Nude Photography Auckland



Nude Photography Auckland

On Fire


Autumn Leaves



Nymph on a Rock


Nude Photographer Auckland



Woman on a Tree

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Olivia on the Rocks


The Bride


By the Sea




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Between two Rocks

Gareth McGhie

Portrait Photographer Auckland

Gareth McGhie

Ko Te Mata te Maunga, Ko TukiTuki te awa, Ko Gareth McGhie Toku Ingoa.
I am an Artist and Carver from Wellington NZ although I am originally from Hawkes Bay, Te Whenua o Ngati Kahungunu.
I am the product of my ancestors and the sum of my life experiences so far.
Although my Tattoo work does not define me, it illustrates that ancestry and those experiences.
It is my responsibility in life to make good use of the gifts I have been given and to try as best I can to pass those on to others.
Mauri Ora!

Vicky on the Rocks!

Nude Photography Auckland

Vicky Freeman

“My self confidence didn’t come easy and no, I didn’t always have it!
I always wanted to be a model. From when I was around 14 years old I looked up to the likes of Elle MacPherson, Cindy Crawford and Rachel Hunter. Well if that doesn’t show my age, haha!
Back then I was told I was too short – I didn’t have the right look, etc…
If I knew then what I know now I would have said to myself: ‘your time is coming: it will be a long wait but it will be worth it!’
Fast forward twenty four years and here I am: I have had paid modelling career! Who would have thought?
I am so grateful everyday that i didn’t listen to those people and kept believing in the voice within me that said: ‘now, it’s your turn!’🙏❤