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Boy with a Smoke

Faces of Cairo

Boy with a SmokeBoy with a Smoke

Dead Wildebeest


Dead Wildebeest

Man with an Apron

Faces of Morocco

Man with an Apron






Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Shop Now



MGM Composite © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Shop Now


Faces of Humanity



Gannet Colony  © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Buy Now

Muriwai gannet colony is about an hour drive from Auckland. A short walking track from the car park leads to two viewing platforms which are located above the colony nesting site. The colony continues on two steep islands out to sea. Around 1,500 pairs of gannets nest there during August to March every year. The hundreds of nests are just very slightly apart and the stink is sharp. It’s a feast to the eyes (or an air-traffic controller’s nightmare), but the birds have it under control somehow. The birds descending to land must glide over their neighbours squawking raised beaks, so getting it wrong can be extremely painful for all involved. These 2 ½ Kilogram heavy birds have a wingspan of almost two metres, and their mastery of the onshore updrafts is an understatement impressive to say the least. Each pair of gannets lays one egg and the parents take turns on keeping the nest safe. The chicks hatch completely naked and within a week they’re covered with a fluffy gray down. As they mature, they grow juvenile light feathers and begin to exercise moving their wings in preparation for a one-shot jump off the cliff and into the ocean. Once airborne, the young gannets leave the colony and cross the Tasman Sea all the way to Australia, across the ditch. A few years later, the surviving birds return to secure a nest site at the colony. The gannets return from Australia between July to October each year and connect again with their lifelong companions. The new chicks strive for food in December and their parents dive into the sea at up-to 150 kilometres per hour to feed their young birds. The colony becomes abandoned from late autumn to early winter: May to June. The views from the colony are totally breathtaking. Muriwai Beach extends a further sixty kilometres to the north with a line of black sand visibly between the thundering white surf and the cascading sandy hills. Far below, enthusiastic and bold surfers look like seals on the giant ocean swells.

True facts about the gannets – check out this triptych!

  • The gannets predominantly feed on small fish such as baby squid, pilchards, yellow eyed mullet and anchovy.
  • The gannets lay a single egg around September, October or November
  • Incubation time is around forty four days
  • Chicks will stay in the colony until February to March and leave when they are around four months old.
  • After weeks of furious and extensive flapping their wings on land, the first flight of the juvenile birds takes them more than 2,000 kilometres away to their destination!
  • Wingspan up to 180 cm (6 ft)
  • Overall length 90 cm
  • The birds then migrate to Australia and return after three to seven years
  • Gannets feed by diving from high up into a school of fish near the surface of the water at speeds of almost 150 kph. Just before hitting the water, they hold their wings out straight and bend them so they’re pointed completely backwards so they don’t get injured when hitting the water at high speeds. They also take a large gulp of air, which fills the air sacs located in their neck and chest, providing cushioning just like an airbag in a car during impact.
  • Gannets live to around thirty years old

2021 Nelson Triptych Salon

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Flying Away   © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Buy Now


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The Maasai People   © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Buy Now


Petals   © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Shop Now


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Edgy Meg  © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Buy Now


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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Buy Now

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Botticelli © Ilan Wittenberg 2021, Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP Buy Now

Finalist at the 2021 NZIPP Iris Awards – Nature category

MGM Lion

Yawning Lion


Wildlife photography Auckland

Hippopotamus amphibius




2021 Iris Awards

2021 Iris Awards

2021 Iris

Shoe Laces

Shoe Laces

Shoe Laces – Runner-up at the 2021 SONY Alpha Awards Editorial category

Faces of Cairo is a collection of photographs that take you on a tour of the land and its people, the streets, the markets, the African desert, and the path of history.

Cairo is chaos at its most magnificent, infuriating,and beautiful. From above, the distorted roar of the muezzins’ call to prayer echoes out from duelling minarets. Below, car horns bellow tuneless symphonies amid avenues of faded 19th-century grandeur, while donkey carts rattle down dusty lanes lined with colossal monuments. This city’s constant buzz is a product of its 20 million inhabitants, simultaneously stretching Cairo’s infrastructure, crushing it under their collective weight. The smog is heavy and car toots are overwhelming, but its energy is stimulating and exhilarating!

In January 2020, I was privileged to visit the ancient city and tell the story of its people. What stood out to me the most was how friendly the people were. I first shook their hands warmly and then asked in Arabic: “Can I take your photo?” I gave people my full attention and most were delighted to have their portrait taken. I showed them the image on the back of my camera which made them feel honoured and respected. I consider it my privilege to be able to share these glimpses into their lives with the wider world.

I wanted to visit Cairo for a long time and was so glad when the opportunity came. I always admired the long and rich history of Egypt and found the experience of modern-day Cairo to be incredible in its own right. The whole city buzzes with all kinds of different people, and despite the economic hardship, they have a wonderful faith in a better future.

Faces of Cairo is a documentary collection. Most of the photos had little or no retouching. I asked people to look straight into my camera, so these are not candid photos. The strength of this series is in giving viewers a rare opportunity to connect with the common Egyptian people in their natural environment. This diverse group of people serves as a timely reminder that, despite our many cultural differences, we can unite as a community through the power of photography. The collection is a celebration of our shared values: hard work, the importance of family and caring for each other as humans. I hope that through this portfolio viewers learn more about the Egyptian people. In sharing this portfolio, I encourage viewers to show empathy: to accept others and to recognise the value of cultural diversity. We would all experience an enhanced sense of community if we took the time to appreciate interactions which allow us to discover the world beyond our familiar boundaries. We are all wonderfully unique, yet, at the same time, we are deeply similar.

I present these photographs in timeless monochrome,to ensure consistency and flow of the series amidst the chaos and clutter of the busy environment. My aim is to create an authentic portfolio of diverse individuals in a foreign land. My goal is to tell their stories using a clear narrative style and enduring quality. The portraits are crisp and sharp, to allow the details to inspire your imagination and to evoke emotions. I hope that viewers will experience some of the atmosphere and connect with the people.

Staging Art


Fine Art Photography

Silo Six: Entrance / Foyer wall 1

Entrance / Foyer wall 1

Fine Art Photography

Blue Sphere -Entrance, wall 2

Entrance, wall 2


Fine Art Photography

Willow Tree and Mood: Lounge

Lounge 1/2


Fine Art Photography
War of the Worlds: Lounge 2/2

Lounge 2/2


Fine Art Photography
The Jetty: Stairwell – Top level

Stairwell – Top level


Fine Art Photography ?
Blue Light: ?


Fine Art Photography
Brooklyn Bridge: bedroom 1

bedroom 1


Fine Art Photography
Yellow Twigs: ?



Fine Art Photography
Abstract Kaleidoscope: Lounge, above fireplace

Lounge, above fireplace


Fine Art Photography
Boat Graveyard: Top of staircase landing

Top of staircase landing


Fine Art Photography

Dining room – horizontal layout

Dining room – horizontal layout

The Maasai

The Maasai People

Bronze medal for the Maasai at the 2021 North Shore National Salon of Photography – Digital Open category


District Offices

District Offices


Portrait Photographer Auckland Portrait Photographer Auckland  Portrait Photographer Auckland

Um Kalthoum at Cairo

Travel Photography - Cairo  Travel Photography - Cairo Travel Photography - Cairo Travel Photography - Cairo Travel Photography - Cairo

Travel Photography - Cairo

Travel Photography - Cairo

Faces of Cairo exhibition setup

Chameleon Old world lizard

Chameleon, Old World lizards, Tanzania

Chameleon, Old World lizards, Tanzania – Bronze medal at the 2021 Photographic Society of New Zealand National Exhibition

2021 Portraiture Seminar

Award winning professional photographer Auckland
About the event
Join portrait photographer Ilan Wittenberg on a three hour seminar on documentary travel photography. Wittenberg is NZIPP 2020 Auckland Photographer of the year and the Editorial prize winner of the 2020 Sony Alpha Awards. Wittenberg was a finalist at the 2020 NZIPP Travel category and a finalist of the STORIES category at the AIPP 2021 Silver Lining awards.

Saturday, May 15, 1-4 pm, $49 admission fee, Register Here

Studio One Toi Tū
Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland.

What’s included

We will review travel photography from CairoJerusalem and Morocco. During this seminar participants will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions regarding Ilan’s camera technique, equipment, software, post processing, creating a portfolio, exhibiting and entering the Awards. Wittenberg will also talk about how to engage people in a foreign land when asking to create their portrait and how to use photos for storytelling.

You will also be able to try different printing papers courtesy of EPSON who will have an A3-A2 size photo printer available for us. You are welcome to bring your favourite 2-3 images on a USB or an SD card (JPEG format) so these can be printed during the seminar. Bring an empty cardboard tube so your print will travel home safely.


Techniques covered

  • Travel Photography
  • Equipment
  • Posing
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Selecting the right lens
  • Camera Settings
  • Engaging your subject
  • Post processing
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Entering Awards

What to bring 

  • SDHC memory card
  • Hi resolution JPEG images that you’d like to print on EPSON’s wide format photo paper
  • Cardboard tube for your new prints